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La Société Française de Biologie du Développement est une société savante qui fédère depuis plus de 50 ans les chercheurs travaillant dans le domaine de la Biologie du Développement animale ou végétale



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SFBD Meeting – From cells to embryo – Now 100% online

The From cells to Embryo meeting co-organized by the SFBD with the Multi-Organization Thematic Institute Cell Biology, Development & Evolution…

Meeting announcement: ISDB 2021 October 17-21, Algarve, Portugal

Every 4 years, the meeting of the International Society for Developmental Biology is THE major worldwide meeting in DevBio. The…

Postdoctoral position in Developmental Neurobiology at Institute of Biology Valrose (iBV), Nice, France

A postdoctoral position is available from January 2021 in the “Development and Function of Brain Circuits” team led by M. Studer at the Institute of Biology Valrose (iBV), Nice, France.

Call for Chairs of Excellence – Labex SIGNALIFE

  The Laboratory of Excellence for Innovation in Signal Transduction Pathways in Life Sciences (Labex SIGNALIFE) brings together high-profile researchers from…

Postdoctoral position at IBDM-Marseille

Functional proteomics of multiciliated cells The Kodjabachian lab at the Institute of Developmental Biology of Marseille (IBDM) is seeking a…

Opinion piece on scientific integrity (in French)

La SFBD, associée à 90 sociétés savantes, signe un appel au renforcement de l’autonomie et de l’action de l’Office Français…

Qlife Winter School (Paris): February 8-12, 2021

Cell Dynamics in Developmental Systems

Master Internship in Paris

to study the relationship between size and shape during development

CDD animalier Drosophile à l’Institut Curie (Paris)

Date de début et durée : Octobre 2020/ 18 mois

Two financed PhD positions on modelling cell differentiation

Modelling the effect of noise in gene regulatory network governing early mammalian development

Postdoctoral position in Nice

We are currently inviting applications from enthusiastic postdoctoral candidates to join our team to study the Environmental modulation of the…

Technician position available at Pasteur Institute – 2 years

Stem Cells & Development

Cries or whispers between cells during ascidian embryogenesis

During embryonic development, as cells divide, they take on increasingly precise roles in the body. In most embryos, including our…

Poste Pr. physique-biologie Sorbonne Université

Poste de professeur à l’interface entre la physique et la biologie

Thesis Prize SFBD 2020: Dr. Mélanie Gracia

For her thesis entitled: “Epithelio-Mesenchymal Transition and Apoptosis: Cellular Dynamics and the Role of Snail in Drosophila melanogaster”

Finalist Thesis Prize SFBD 2020: Dr. Solène Clavreul

For her thesis entitled: “Development of the astroglial network in the murine cerebral cortex”

Finalist Thesis Prize SFBD 2020: Dr. Alicia Lardennois

Pour sa thèse intitulée:  “Contribution of actin cytoskeleton to C. elegans embryonic elongation”

Funded PhD project in Jouy en Josas

Context:  Pluripotent Stem Cells (PSCs) are characterized by their extensive differentiation potential both in vivo and in vitro. They can…

Meeting SFBD – From cells to embryo

Organized at the IJMonot – November 16th-18th

The SFBD signs the charter for gender-neutral communication (in French)

La SFBD a répondu à l’appel de l’association Femmes & Sciences aux sociétés savantes et signé la charte mise en…

Virtual EWM2020 22nd-23rd June

EWM2020 meeting is going online the 22nd and 23rd June. In addition to Keynote talks, a number of short talks…

Advances in Stem Cell Biology MOOC

The Advances in Stem Cell Biology MOOC was created by the LabEx Revive at Pasteur Institute to provide an overview…

Research Engineer (CDI)

- article in French - L'Ecole polytechnique recrute un.e ingénieur.e de recherche avec un profil de biologiste cellulaire ou du…

Recruitment of an Assistant Engineer – September 2020 for 12 months

- article in French -   Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle de Lyon   (ENS de Lyon/CNRS/UCBL)   Equipe “Physiologie Intégrative…

Open Position in Image Analysis – Institut Pasteur, Paris

The Image Analysis Hub is recruiting an engineer in biological image analysis (CDI/permanent position). The IAH is a core facility…

Support for Dr. Fariba Adelkhah, imprisoned in Iran for 11 months

The Academic Learned Societies of France, of which the SFBD is a member, give their full support to Dr. Fariba…

Open Letter to Global Leaders – A Healthy Planet for Healthy People

Patrick Lemaire, president of the SFBD, has signed this open letter. To also sign this text, visit the Club of…

Opinion: short-term contracts and lab closure

During the current period of lock-down and following the closure of the laboratories, we are not all affected in the…

New Group leaders in Cellular and Developmental Biology

The Centre for Integrative Biology of Toulouse launches its annual call for the recruitment of new group leaders.

Shaping Life 2 postponed to spring 2021

As a consequence of the current coronavirus epidemic, the Shaping Life 2 organising committee has had to take the difficult…

8th Advances in Stem Cell Biology, 29 June-11 July 2020

Pasteur Institute & Revive

Emmanuelle Grall, postponed (Covid19)

Shaping Life 2

Lisa Calvary, postponed (Covid19)

Shaping Life 2

Benoit Godard, postponed (Covid19)

Shaping Life 2

Arthur Boutillon, postponed (Covid19)

Shaping Life 2

ERC-funded PhD and postdoc positions in the Cellular sex and physiology group, Nice

Postdoc and PhD positions are available in the group “Cellular sex and physiology” in the Institute of Biology Valrose –…

Press review : reform of research (in French)

The website of the joined french learned societies has gathered a press review on all position statements related to the…

Opinion: For a reform that respects public research (in French)

On January 15th 2020, the French journal le Monde publishes this opinion piece (in French) signed by 34 learned Societies,…

Opinion : “Europe needs an ambitious budget for research and innovation”

28 French learned societies, including the SFBD, call for a reinforcement of the European Union Horizon Europe research budget for…

Results of the 2020 Board election

The elections for the 2020 SFBD Board renewal happened December 2-15 2019. They were organized via the online voting tool…

Lettre à MM. Petit et Macron (in French)

La SFBD est signataire de cette pétition qui dénonce les dérives de l’évaluation scientifique et répond aux propos de Antoine…

2020 SFBD board renewal

At the end of every year, an electronic vote is organized to partially renew or extend the SFBD Board of directors. This year, five positions are open for election to the SFBD Board.

Karine Casier, Lausanne, 5-8 September 2019

26th European Drosophila Research Conference

Mélanie Roussat, Alicante, 23-26 October 2019

European Developmental Biology Congress

Florence Giger, Alicante, 23-26 October 2019

European Developmental Biology Congress

Pénélope Darnat, Alicante, 23-26 October 2019

European Developmental Biology Congress

SFBD Travel grants 2020

In 2020, the SFBD will make three calls for travel grants designed for early career researchers to present their work…

2020 SFBD Meeting – Shaping Life 2

Mark your calendars! The 2020 SFBD Meeting – Shaping Life 2 – will be held in May 12-15 in Cassis,…

2020 support to events organized in France

For the first time this year, we will organize a single call to support the organization of devbio events in…

2020 SFBD board renewal

In 2020, 5 positions will be open to renew and extend the SFBD board. Deadline to apply : 31/10/2019.

3D + time live imaging data analyst and software developer

A position is open for a data scientist in charge of the analysis of 3D + time fluorescence imaging data of living ascidian embryos. The contract is for up to 4 years.

Funded PhD project in Montpellier: optogenetic control of FGF and Eph signaling pathways during ascidian embryogenesis

A 3-year PhD studentship is available to develop optogenetic control strategies for two major signalling pathways controlling fate specification in early ascidian embryos.

Joana Estaves De Lima, Boston, 25-30 July 2019

78th Annual Meeting of the Developmental Biology Society

Lauréates bourse de voyage SFBD 2019

Nous avons le plaisir d’annoncer les noms des trois lauréates de la troisième session de la bourse de voyage SFBD !

Shaping Life 2

A vos agenda ! Le meeting 2020 de la SFBD, ShapingLife2, sera organisé à Cassis du 12 au 15 Mai.
Plus d’informations à venir prochainement.

Khoury Hanane, Los Angeles, 26-29 June 2019

1st France-USA Stem cell symposium

Prigent Garcia Serena, Los Angeles, 20-24 June 2019

22nd International C. elegans Conference

Thesis Prize SFBD 2019: Dr. Meryem Baghdadi

For her doctorate entitled: « Regulation of adult muscle stem cell quiescence by Notch signaling »

Finalist Thesis Prize SFBD 2019: Dr. Chooyoung Baek

For her doctorate entitled : « Role of Notch signaling pathway during neural delamination in the vertebrate embryo. »

Les fleurs ne sont pas des potiches par François Parcy (in French)

Une analyse scientifique par le généticien François Parcy publié dans le journal du CNRS en partenariat avec Libération

Eva Seipelt, Indiana, 9-11 may 2019

Congrès Weinstein

Sondages loi de programmation pour la recherche (in French)

Suite à l’annonce le 1er février 2019 par le Premier Ministre d’une loi de programmation pluriannuelle de la recherche, un collectif de 23 sociétés savantes a lancé une consultation sur les attentes majeures de la communauté académique vis à vis de cette loi.

Sandy Al Hayek, Dallas, 27-31 March 2019

Annual Drosophila Research Conference

CDD ingénieur d’études de 12 mois à pourvoir

Étude de la réponse de complexes ARN/protéines à l’activité neuronale chez la drosophile.

Interdisciplinary spring school on plant and animal morphogenesis

An international interdisciplinary spring school for Masters and PhD students as well as junior post-docs.

Post-doctoral Research Scientist (M/F, temporary position)

“Epigenetic Regulation of Genomic Imprinting”, Montpellier-France

Poste IE CNRS / CNRS Ingineer position

IE in molecular and cell biology (CNRS FSEP position), Institut Curie, Orsay Campus

PhD and Post-doctoral positions in Developmental Neurobiology

We are seeking highly motivated candidates to join us on a project on the molecular mechanisms of sensory neurogenesis.

Post-doctoral position : cellular reprogramming in C. elegans

Project in the cellular reprogramming field (S. Jarriault, IGBMC, Illkirch)

Post-doctoral position in Nantes

Notochordal differentiation and stem cell-based therapy for intervertebral disc degeneration

Developmental and Cell biology of the Future

Paris, March 27-29, 2019

European Developmental Biology Congress

Alicante October 23-26 2019

Nathan Hervieux, Porto, 7-10 November 2018

Joint Meeting of the Portuguese, Spanish and French Societies for Developmental Biology

Anabelle Planques, Porto, 7-10 November 2018

Joint Meeting of the Portuguese, Spanish and French Societies for Developmental Biology

João E. Carvalho, Porto, 7-10 November 2018

Joint Meeting of the Portuguese, Spanish and French Societies for Developmental Biology

Alexandre Chuyen, Porto, 7-10 November 2018

Joint Meeting of the Portuguese, Spanish and French Societies for Developmental Biology

Note concernant le volet recherche scientifique du PLF 2019 (in French)

Nous présentons un argumentaire succinct sur l’importance de la recherche scientifique dans la protection, la stabilité et la prospérité de la société française.

Thesis Prize SFBD 2018: Dr. Mathilde Dumond

For her doctorate entitled: « From cellular variability to shape reproducibility: mechanics and morphogenesis of Arabidopsis thaliana sepal »

Finalist Thesis Prize SFBD 2018: Dr. Gantas Perez-Mockus

For his doctorate entitled : « Regulation of apical basal polarity and mesoderm invagination by the E3 ubiquitin ligase Neuralized in Drosophila ».

Finalist Thesis Prize SFBD 2018: Dr. Samuel Collombet

For his doctorate entitled : « Deciphering the regulatory network controlling blood cell specification and reprogramming »

Sarah Dinvaut, Cold Spring Harbor, 25-29 September 2018

Molecular Mechanisms of Neuronal Connectivity Cold Spring Harbour

Jennifer Durant-Vesga, Heidelberg, 25-28 August 2018

Transcription and Chromatin EMBL conference

Audrey Desgrange, Heidelberg, 24 – 27 July 2018

EMBO Workshop “Imaging Mouse Development”

Liste de diffusion des développementalistes français.e.s

Diffusion par mail d’informations au sein de la communauté des développementalistes animaux ou végétaux

Lea Rambaud-Lavigne, Helsinki, 25-29 June 2018

29th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR)

Hereroa Johnston, Galway, June 26-29 2018

7ème Euro-Evo-Devo Meeting

Laurent Formery, Galway, June 26-29 2018

7ème Euro-Evo-Devo Meeting

La SFBD sur Twitter

A fully-funded postdoc position is available @MBIsg @NUSingapore. Join us as part of a dynamic interdisciplinary research community in Singapore. We are also looking for highly motivated PhD applicants. Please get in touch! RT please. #mousedevelopment #biophysics #development?

New paper: Fat Body p53 Regulates Systemic Insulin Signaling and Autophagy under Nutrient Stress via Drosophila Upd2 Repression. Ingaramo MC, Sánchez JA, Perrimon N, Dekanty A. Cell Rep. 2020 Oct 27;33(4):108321. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2020.108321. PMID: 33113367

PhD opportunity in Manchester: The evolution of nerves: understanding the roots of neurodegeneration https://thenode.biologists.com/manchesterphd-3/jobs/ via @the_Node

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La SFBD c’est environ 500 adhérents, travaillant dans 13 villes françaises et 6 pays dans le monde, sur 13 organismes modèles différents.

Les bénéfices de l’adhésion :

● Candidater au prix de thèse annuel de la Société
● Postuler à nos bourses de voyage à destination des jeunes chercheurs
● Avoir des tarifs préférentiels d’inscription aux congrès de la SFBD et des sociétés partenaires
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● Bénéficier de soutien pour vos événements