Support to event organization

The SFBD subsidizes every year scientific events in the field of developmental biology (conferences, colloquiums or thematic schools) organized in France.

The amount of grant is between 500 – 1000 euros depending on the size of the event.

The SFBD Call for Applications has a yearly deadline on the 15th of November of the year preceding the event.



STATUS : open


DEADLINE : 15/11/2021





How to apply?

The application file (in English or in French) must contain in one single pdf file:

  • The detailed program of the event
  • A letter describing the event and justifying the request to the SFBD

Selection procedure

The selection is made by the SFBD Board based on the content of the application.

  • The theme of the scientific event must correspond to the fields covered by the SFBD
  • The logo of the SFBD needs to appear in the program and on the poster of the event
  • Our support does not cover department retreats
  • The organizers do not necessarily need to be members of the SFBD

Application form

Events supported in 2020

The VERMidi XXIII meeting 

Initially organised at Sorbonne University in Paris – Organised remotely due to Covid19 on March 13th 2020 

The EMBO Workshop: Muscle, formation, maintenance, regeneration and pathology

Initially planned in Gouvieux, 5-10 april 2020 – Postponed October 25-30 due to Covid19

The Mechanics in Developmental Biology Meeting

Initially organized at the Institut Curie in Paris, on April 17th 2020 – Organized online June 12th

18th day of the Neural Network Development Club 

Organised at the Institut de la Vision in Paris, on June 12th 2020 – cancelled

The 1st joint VIP/DIF-Day annual symposium

Organized at the Institut Jacques Monod in Paris, on June 18th 2020 – postponed to December 9th 2020

The Drosophila Development and Genetics in Toulouse; 30 years and beyond

Organised at the CBI in Toulouse, 17-18 September 2020

The 11th international course “From stem cells to morphogenesis”

Organised by the Institut Curie and Sorbonne University in Paris, September 16 – October 4 2020

The 34th French Drosophila Meeting 2020

Organized on 11-14 October 2020 in Sète, France

The 2020 Quantitative Approach of Life Colloquim

Organized in Paris at the begining 2021

Events supported in 2019

Workshop on molecular mechanisms controlling flower development

Organized on the French Riviera, June 18-22 2019

10th International Tunicate Meeting

Organized in Villefranche-Sur-Mer, July 7-12 2019

10th Developmental Biology Course: From Stem Cells to Morphogenesis

Organized by the Institut Curie and Sorbonne University in Paris, September 16 – October 16 2019

33rd annual French Drosophila conference

Organized in the Lyon ENS, November 6-9 2019

Meeting Cilia, Flagella & Centrosomes

Organized at the Institut Imagine in Paris, November 27-29 2019

Events supported in 2018

Mechanobiology and Physics of Life

Organized in Clermont-Ferrand, January 30th 2018

Cell migration in health and diseases

Organized by Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, June 27 – July 3 2018

32nd French Drosophila Meeting

Organized in Presqu’ile de Giens, October 9-12 2018

Events supported in 2017

Interdisciplinary spring school on animal and plant morphogenesis 2017

Organized in Montpellier, February 26 – March 4 2017

European Amphibian Club 2017

Organized in Rennes, June 28 – 30 2017

Club des Belles Souris 2017

Organized at the Centre de Biologie Intégrative in Toulouse, November 9th 2017


Organized in Athens, October 5-7 2017

31st French Drosophila Meeting

Organized in Presqu’ile de Giens, November 7 -10 2017