International courses

This section gathers in person trainings that are targeting master students to postdoctoral researchers. If you are looking for online resources, have a look at the Resources for an informed audience and the MOOCS sections. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to suggest some additional content.

International courses in France

wdt_IDCours / CourseOrganisateur / OrganizersLien / Link
1Advances in Stem Cell BiologyInstitut Pasteur
2Development and plasticity of the nervous systemInstitut Pasteur
4International Course on Developmental BiologyInstitut Curie / Sorbonne Université
6Mouse GeneticsInstitut Pasteur
7Development & CancerInstitut Curie / Université Paris Saclay
Cours / CourseOrganisateur / Organizers

International courses abroad

wdt_IDCours / CourseOrganisateur / OrganizersLocalisation / LocationLien / Link
7International course in developmental biologyMBLWoods Hole (MA, USA)
8Embryology: concepts and techniques in modern developmental biologyMBLWoods Hole (MA, USA)
9Zebrafish development and GeneticsMBLWoods Hole (MA, USA)
10Frontiers in Stem Cells & RegenerationMBLWoods Hole (MA, USA)
11Gene regulatory network course for DevelopmentMBLWoods Hole (MA, USA)
13International PhD School Plant DevelopmentMPI Plant Breeding Research/University Hamburg/VIBRetzbach (Germany)
21Frontiers and Techniques in Plant ScienceCold Spring Harbor LaboratoryCold Spring Harbor (NY, USA)
Cours / CourseOrganisateur / OrganizersLocalisation / Location