Teaching resources

The purpose of this section is to provide resources for teachers to address developmental biology issues in their classrooms.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to suggest additional material for this section.

→ Plateforme L@map

The Foundation "La main à la pâte" offers tutorials for primary and middle school teachers to teach science and technology in an attractive way, with a focus on the practice of experimentation, training in scientific reasoning and the awakening of critical thinking.

→ Gedankenexperimente

Teaching resources for elementary biology classes with a focus on the life cycle and evolution

→ Why fly ? Manchester Fly Facility

Resources describing the interest of the model organism Drosophila melanogaster for biomedical research

Resources for online teaching

Video series for online course preparation (par Alexis Maizel, Université de Heidelberg)


Teaching resources (courses, tutorials for practical work) for students in their first years of university studies in Biology. Even if the specific section on developmental biology is still sparse, the content is varied and of very good quality.

MIT OpenWareCourse

The Department of Biology at MIT offers university and master’s level training programs ranging from general biology to more specialized areas of study and research.


Free and open online platform to communicate on the practice of science. The site offers different sections: scientific seminars, career development, history of scientific breakthroughs.

HS Talks
HS Talks

Henry Stewart Talks Ltd (HSTalks) is a provider of online multimedia lectures covering areas from basic science to therapeutic intervention. Sometimes a subscription is required.

JOVE logo

JoVE is the leading journal of scientific protocols in video format indexed by Pubmed. The Science Education section is dedicated to the teaching of scientific bases through didactic video demonstrations.