The SFBD wishes to accompany students, teachers and researchers by offering them a series of courses, multimedia resources, tutorials and practicals from which they can get inspiration when dealing with developmental biology matters. The contents are sorted according to the intended audience.

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How and why present development biology to a wide audience? Here we offer resources for our members who are looking for materials for science outreach.

Teaching ressources

The purpose of this section is to provide resources for teachers to address developmental biology subjects in their classroom.

Ressources for an Informed Audience

This section is intended for a public already well informed on development biology themes. It is intended for researchers or teachers wishing to go further on these issues.

Model organism databases

This section brings together databases on the main models used in developmental biology and databases useful to researchers.

Research Groups (GdR)

This section brings together the Research Groups on Developmental Biology themes.

Environmental Impact of Research

This section brings together initiatives that aim to measure and limit the environmental impact of our research.

Embryon de C. elegans

Inclusive Networks

This section brings together initiatives towards a more inclusive, egalitarian and diverse scientific community.