Online seminars

The SFBD Board of Directors has decided to launch a new webinar series in 2023 so that SFBD members can get to know each other better and share their research. As we are all busy, the idea is to share our work in a short and didactic format, accessible to non-specialists every first Friday of the month during lunch time. These seminars are open to everyone, so feel free to share the information.

Seminars are organized on a zoom. To receive the invitations, subscribe to the Biodevfr developmental biology mailing list.

Open to all


First Friday of each month




Planned seminars

Friday February 3: Marie Delattre (Lyon) Programmed DNA elimination in the soma of free-living nematodes
Friday March 3 : Marie Manceau (Paris) Colour pattern formation and evolution in estrildid finches
Friday April 7 : Hector Escriva (Banyuls) Neural induction in amphioxus: from the Spemann organizer to GRNs
Friday May 5: Pierre-François Lenne (Marseilles) Mechanisms of symmetry breaking in gastruloids
Friday June 2: Teva Vernoux (Lyon) Dynamical self-organization of shoot geometries in plants
Friday, July 7: Abderrahman Khila (Lyon) Origin of evolutionary innovations: from molecules to organism
Friday, September 8: Virginie Courtier-Orgogozo (Paris)
Friday October 6: Bénédicte Charrier (Roscoff)