Online seminars

The SFBD Board of Directors has decided to launch a new webinar series in 2023-2024 so that SFBD members can get to know each other better and share their research. As we are all busy, the idea is to share our work in a short and didactic format, accessible to non-specialists every first Friday of the month during lunch time. These seminars are open to everyone, so feel free to share the information.

Seminars are organized on a zoom. To receive the invitations, subscribe to the Biodevfr developmental biology mailing list.

Open to all


First Friday of each month




Planned seminars

Friday January 12: Marie Kmita (Montreal – Canada) IRCM

Friday February 2: Luisa Di Stefano (Toulouse – France) CBI

Friday March 1: Chiara Sinigaglia (Banyuls sur Mer – France) BIOM

Friday April 5: Patrick Lemaire (Montpellier – France) CRBM

Friday May 3: Patrick Tschopp (Switzerland) Basel University

Friday June 7: Sophie Creuzet (Paris-Saclay – France) Neuro PSI
Wednesday October 16-19: “From Cells to Organism: When Cell Biology Meets Development (Paris)”


Friday February 3: Marie Delattre (Lyon) Programmed DNA elimination in the soma of free-living nematodes
Friday March 3: Marie Manceau (Paris) Colour pattern formation and evolution in estrildid finches
Friday April 7: Hector Escriva (Banyuls) Neural induction in amphioxus: from the Spemann organizer to GRNs
Friday May 5: Pierre-François Lenne (Marseille) Mechanisms of symmetry breaking in gastruloids
Friday June 2: Teva Vernoux (Lyon) Dynamical self-organization of shoot geometries in plants
Friday July 7: Abderrahman Khila (Lyon) Origin of evolutionary innovations: from molecules to organism
Friday September 8: Virginie Courtier-Orgogozo (Paris)
Monday September 25-28: “European Developmental Biology Congress 2023”, Institut Pasteur (Paris Hub)
Friday October 6: Bénédicte Charrier (Roscoff)