Online events

This section contains regular seminars, conferences and free online trainings. These resources are only available in English. Registration is required in some cases. Some resources also have videos of past events available. While some of these resources are more related to developmental biology than others, we decided to include all aspects of biology so that you can broaden your horizons while respecting social distancing.

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Botany 2020

Organized from 27th – 31st July. Free for academic staff.


Cell Bio Virtual 2020

60th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB) in conjunction with the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO). From 2nd-16th December 2020. Free regristration for ASCB and EMBO members.

New PIs in Cell and Developmental Biology

Une plate-forme pour les séminaires en ligne, la collaboration et le soutien par les pairs. You can follow updates and find information by following #NewPICellDev on Twitter

Dorsal epithelium of a drosophila pupae during metamorphosis marked with a E-cadherine reporter.
Cell Size & Growth

Online seminar series for and by the Cell Size research community.

Virtual Worm Sessions

The series is currently hosted every week on Zoom, each session is composed of one to two 15 to 30 minutes talks on a wide range of topics related to C. elegans.

Virtual Plant Science Talks par Plantae

Each week a well-recognized researcher in plant science and another nearer the beginning of their career give seminars to deliver a broad range of scientific topics, facilitate interesting discussions, and provide unique networking opportunities. These virtual events are free and open to all.

GARNet-Presents Webinars

This series runs through GoToWebinar software, which allows to ask questions in a chat box. A selection of these questions will be moderated by the webinar chair. Each week, two speakers will present their research in 30-minute sessions.

SpiraliaBase virtual lab meetings

A recently formed coalition of scientists who study the largest and most diverse clade of animals alive, the Spiralia. They organize regular virtual lab meetings.

Cnidofest Zoom Seminars

A series of virtual seminars to help keep the @cnidofest community vibrant during this time of limited interaction.

International Zebrafish Society Webinars

In April 2020, the International Zebrafish Society (IZFS) launched the IZFS Webinar Series. The series includes a variety of research and professional development topics. The content of the webinars is designed for researchers from every career level and to share the latest scientific findings, methods, technologies, and products to facilitate research. The format provides direct access to experts in the field in an interactive online setting. Webinar registration is free to all IZFS members.

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Vertebrate Gastrulation Zoom Talks

Gastrulation is a topic that occupies a central place in developmental biology and, in the context if vertebrates, is on the the threshold of a renaissance. The Vertebrate Gastrulation Zoom Talks (VGZT) will start on July 2nd and will be running on a weekly basis until Christmas. You can follow details of the series on Twitter. Attendance requires registration which can be done here. Registration will lead to further information about the talks.

Crédit : Caroline Choquet, Kelly lab
Flying Through the Gut

Presentations will be held each Monday from 8AM to 9AM PST. Registration is free but mandatory.

EVBO Webinar series

The European Vascular Biology Organisation’s mission is to provide visibility and networking opportunities for vascular biologists in order to promote a vibrant and diverse community to generate research excellence.

Primary mouse neurons
World Wide Neuro

This is a new and an ongoing effort to continue, expand and democratize the Oxford Neurotheory Forum, bringing it into the online realm, and making seminars green and accessible from anywhere on the planet. They invite researchers from other institutions to participate.

Mouse brain

Lively discussions on neuroscience research every week.

Cell Migration Seminars

Register for the virtual cell migration seminars by filling a google form.

Muscle Science Talks

A virtual seminar series on skeletal muscle and muscle stem cells organized by @BrackLab. Seminars take place 2-3 times per week via Zoom et Slack.

Blood and Bone Seminar

This webinar series was created in a time of chaos to bring a bit of routine into Blood reserachers’ life, to learn about the awesome work of scientists from around the globe, and to build community.


Aging Science Talks

Research Seminars on Aging by the community and for the community, every day of the week via WebEx and Slack.

Crédit : Hajime, Vermot lab

Once a week Michael Barresi hosts a Zoom open forum for teachers of developmental biology.

Motors in Quarantine

Motors in Quarantine is a weekly series of webinars on molecular mortors.

Nucleus Science Talks

An online seminar series featuring scientific talks about the nucleus.

Meiosis in Quarantine

The Meiosis in Quarantine webinar series is currently scheduled until July 30. There will be 4 speakers per session, with 15 minutes per presentation and 10 minutes for questions.

GSA Science in a Snapshot Seminar Series

Seminar series designed to showcase research by student and postdoc that are members of the Genetic Society of America.

Fragile Nucleosome

Fragile Nucleosome is a new online discussion group for scientists interested in chromatin and gene regulation. Fragile Nucleosome is active in two spaces: one is the Discord server where several hundred scientists chat informally, the other is the organization of weekly virtual seminars on Zoom.

QMUL epigenetics

QMUL Epigenetics promotes interactions between different research groups at Queen Mary University in London studying the role of epigenetic mechanisms in fundamental biological processes and disease pathogenesis. In addition, they aim to increase the visibility of the work within QMUL and outside in the form of regular interlaboratory meetings, public communication and awareness activities.

World Wide Physics of Life

Les Virtual Events in Physics of Life visent à nourrir une communauté internationale de chercheurs intéressés par la mesure, la modélisation et la théorie des systèmes vivants à l’échelle moléculaire, cellulaire, neurale, de l’organisme, collective et écosystémique.

BPPB Virtual Seminars

The objective of BP / PB (Physical Biology / Biological Physics) seminars is to keep abreast of what is happening in biophysics outside our specific fields and above all, to introduce young researchers to the exciting possibilities of research in biophysics. You can follow the schedule on Twitter.

Evolution and Ecology Seminars

Bringing isolated scientists together with online Evolution & Ecology seminars.

Symbiosis weekly talks

Two 25 minutes talks each week.


Home of the Free Web-based Microbiology Seminar Series.


A Slack discussion forum and talks for the Schizosaccharomyces pombe research community.

Cours curie-1
11th Curie course - Developmental Biology

Institut Curie and Sorbonne Université (SU) organize their 11th International Developmental Biology course:  ‘From Stem Cells to Morphogenesis’. Courses will be available online. Registration is compulsory.


Live online events targeting all levels in Bioimage analysis. Registration required.

MBL Virtual Programs

These free events are part of the MVP (MBL Virtual Programs) webinar series. This virtual series will run from July 6-17 and include offerings from many of our summer programs including the advanced research training courses and the Logan Science Journalism program. We are very excited to reconnect with our friends and colleagues, learn from distinguished speakers, and engage in lively scientific discussion. Webinars will also be recorded and available for viewing at a later date.